Here you will find some information’s about participants for Confronto 2017.

For REGISTRATION please contact your delegate for youth pastoral in your country. 

Arrivals: August 11
Departure: Sunday 16, after the Holy Mass and the lunch.
Age: 18-30
Profile: English speaking*; to be involved in the national SYM; those who are going to continue the work
Participation fee: 250€ per person
Participation fee includes: accommodation (beds), meals, transportation from Turin to Colle (11/8), to/from Valdocco (13/8), to/from Mornese (14/8), from Colle to Turin (16/8), gadgets, audio service, cleaning, tent.
The fee is the same for Participants and Animators (the accommodation, transportation and meals of Animators from the 8 to the 11 of August are free).

Number of participants per country
25 participants from Italy, Poland and Spain (SDB and FMA included)
15 participants from all the other countries & Middle East (SDB and FMA included)
(France-Belgium South, Belgium North-Netherlands, Slovenia-Montenegro, Middle East are considered as 1 country)

SDBs and FMAs
SDBs and FMAs – Bigger countries (max. 2 SDB & 2 FMA) – Italy, Poland, Spain.
Other countries (max. 1 SDB & 1 FMA) – exceptions can be done!

● 25 Animators
● 20 Logistics Volunteers

*be able to follow the program in English; communicate with the others