Logo for Confronto 2017

What's the logo all about

The logo is made up of three parts, representing sorts of "arrows", representing vision - blue, passion - red, and mission - yellow. These three parts can also refer to the Trinity: Father, Son and Holy Spirit.


It is represented at the bottom left by blue. To have the ability to see the future in the present, we have to look straight ahead in order to move forward but we must draw from our resources, in our roots, the orientation of the arrow is thus downwards. It constitutes a first base or a first pillar of the hexagon.
The color blue refers to dreams, the sky and the horizon.


It is represented at the bottom right by the red. To achieve the goal, energy must be at the heart of the project, at the heart of the mission, at the heart of our mission with young people. Red refers to this energy but also to the love one puts to reach the goal with heart, hope and enthusiasm (which means to have God in oneself). It is necessary to draw the energy in the ground, the orientation of the arrow is thus downwards. It constitutes a second base or a second pillar of the hexagon.


It is represented at the top by the yellow, by an arrow pointing upwards. It is the result of vision and passion. The mission is turned upward, it takes momentum to carry out the mission with joy (yellow color). The arrow is turned towards the future and is carried by vision and passion in order to accomplish it.

These 3 parts are linked together by paths (white lines) with a small white cube. They all converge towards one gift: God (in the center). To join him, one must take the paths, those, from the top, the paths of our personal, professional lives, and not to forget the bottom path representing our roots, our education, our family.
As a whole, the shape of the logo can also be a gift. Because when we combine vision, passion, mission, and God, it is a real gift that one offers.

The logo was designed by Anaïs and Anne-Florence from SYM France – Belgium South. We received more then 30 proposals and want to thank all the authors for their work.

Logo of Confronto 2017